About Us

Darby Girls Addyson, Darby Girls Addy


Addyson has been drawn to the camera ever since she learned what a picture was. She is not shy, and very theatrical in everything she does! Being 8 years old she is the youngest, but doesn't always act that way. Addyson is also a competitive cheerleader that loves the sport. She spends many hours a week at cheer practice, but still has some time to make fun videos of unboxing her second passion...Toys! 

Darby Girls Ashlyn


At 11 years old she is the older sister. Ashlyn is a little more on the reserved side but still has a goofy personality. She has always been very close with her sister. Ashlyn loves to play volleyball, and also has started playing the clarinet. In her free time she is your typical tween that loves spending countless hours playing games on the Xbox. If you're wondering what her favorite game is, well it's Mindcraft!  

Darby Girls Ashlyn and Addyson

Sisters #bestfriends

April 3rd, 2018 Ashlyn and Addyson asked if they could start a YouTube channel. Hesitant at first, they finally got their way. Immediately they grabbed a cell phone and headed to the back deck to start recording their very first YouTube video. No editing, no planning, they hit the record button. 

Ever since that day we have uploaded a video every week, and the channel has grown to over 7000 Subscribers. Even though with their busy schedules it is sometimes difficult to put out a video, they always enjoy putting on their mic's, turning on the lights and hitting record. 

They have a special bond together, one that the closest of sisters tend to have. Even though in many ways their different, they are quite the same, and together they are the Darby Girls!